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Taps covers the tips of the gloves so you can handle your smartphone


By luck not us found in a region where the cold not is so end as it can be in those countries Nordic where the temperatures almost can leave frozen the blood that runs by your veins. Anyway, in the North of our country, when rains and low temperatures, mixing snow can be the protagonist of numbered days, so gloves, for those who have to go away from home, become the best friends of the ride.

A team based in Canada has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new product that offers a simple solution to this common problem which may be having to deal with the smartphone screen when we have some gloves. Taps is your answer to incorporate them into your gloves and can thus remain your hands well warm inside them.

Taps are merely some “stickers” that can be incorporated into the tip of the fingers in the glove and allow that we can manage without problems with our smartphone touch screen. It is a new product that seeks to provide a solution to this problem that you will find many.


You simply have to take one or two, paste them into your gloves, and you’re ready to follow your digital lifestyle, but it hits the cold and snow to get to your hands are always protected by gloves.

But the best of Taps, is that all the “stickers” they have a unique fingerprint, which means that if your device has a fingerprint scanner, you will be able to unlock it with the help of this curious and ingenious invention. That Yes, you do not forget gloves left at home, since anyone else who put them will unlock your phone.

According to the page of the campaign, those stickers are flexible, resistant to the water and highly resistant. The team has past the initial target of 8,000 dollars Canadian and already has got them almost $40,000.

If you are interested in this product, pass you by the campaign on Kickstarter.

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