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Telegram is updated with shipping of GIFs from Gboard, removal of messages sent and more


To Gboard it have included as an of the best apps released this year last in Android. Although, to tell the truth, it was the 6.0 update which transformed Google keyboard on that keyboard that has great exclusivity as the inclusion of the G button that allows searches to share with who you want.

Another of the great innovations of the Gboard is carrying incorporated a browser GIFs to be sent from the same keyboard, the only thing that only worked in Allo and Hangouts, so we stayed without power use in apps in Telegram. Although has been in the update of today’s Telegram when can send GIFs, as other new features as are the deleted of messages sent, access direct from the icon and much more.

Deleting unwanted messages sent

Start a year with force is to have an update as they have between hands Telegram with the version 3.16. I have put as the main character GIFs animated from Gboard sending in Telegram, but it’s own app chat that makes emphasis on the capacity you will have from now to delete those messages that erroneously have been able to send.


It would not be the first time that we have sent a message and then we have retracted performing that action, so if the sender, so outside, has not seen it nor read, will have the opportunity to be able to delete it until you turn on your mobile to know that new notification that it has come to your mobile device.


You can now delete messages that you have sent in the last 48 hours, what is a good margin of time for rectifications and remove those messages from the conversations you have on Telegram.

Use of the network, links and the news of Android

Telegram has included another feature well interesting in this update of start of year and this is the capacity that have now of to know exactly the use of the network that makes our app. Of this form will know of way accurate few data eat while are under the 3 G / 4 G or WiFi.


Another of the virtues of this update is the ability to use instead of in them names of users. By this, you can write / username for thus shorten the time in that that new contact can put is to the speaks with you through those chats. also works for the channels, / telegram, for those groups public, / snowballfight and stickers,

The news for those users Android are these and is must to the 85% of them users of Telegram are in Android:

  • The messages from a sender are now grouped, for even when you move by the chat can see the day
  • The app now remembers the position within the chat
  • The files shared now are more easy of see because you’ll see a list of them recently downloads in the screen of share
  • Support to Gboard, which means that from the keyboard of Google can send GIFs animados
  • Android 7.1: app shortcut from the icon for different access as are those chats more frequent
  • Now you can report spam in chat rooms secret
  • Return several emojis to Android: the cowboy, the clown and the face ill


A more than interesting update of Telegram that brings a good number of small novelties, but that in their joint improve the experience of user. Now hope that WhatsApp take note in it related to the capacity of send GIFs animated and active it compatibility for to send this type of content multimedia so of fashion and that us allows interact with our contacts of a way more fun and entertaining in certain moments of the day. Telegram it has done, now is your time.

Already you can pass you by the Google Play Store to the be available the update to the version 3.16 of Telegram.

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