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The 10 best games free of Nitrome

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Nitrome is one of them studies of video games that greater prominence goes taking in the Play Store by it successful of its gameplay and by that dot differentiator that is capable of grant to genres crushed as are them platforms, RPGs and puzzles. Its retro pixel art is very successful and put the icing on the cake that are each one of the games that has this study.

The following 10 Nitrome Games are the best that have and are available for free from the Google Play Store. Video games in which you have to help a dog sausage to stretch your body to reach distant platforms or a poor office worker who is involved in the Apocalypse with thousands of bombs falling on the building that you should escape it as. A whole series of good fun, high quality video and you engage them.

Green Ninja: Year of the Frog

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Based on kicks and fists, will have to help the ninja frog escape from all those challenges that await it in this fun game called Green Ninja: Year of the Frog. Dozens of levels will meet all kinds of challenges, a great pixel art style and a few well-simple controls-based gestures.

Download: Green Ninja: Year of the Frog (Free+, Google Play) →

Platform Panic

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If you are looking for randomness in games, Platform Panic is perfect for this, but at the same time well complicated game. You will need all your concentration to succeed of all those screens that you must know to get higher score. A game style retro good striking.

Download: Platform Panic (+Free, Google Play) →

Ultimate Briefcase

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Salt of the office in this casual striking in which you have to prevent the bombings and the blows that can reach you to hit all those bombs that fall from the sky. Takes the portfolio of work, unlock different characters and explore different locations of the city in this addictive title.

Download: Ultimate Briefcase (Free+, Google Play) →


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In title in which it casual and it RPG is lead perfectly to position you above all type of mechanisms, traps and enemies that you will put them things well difficult. A game in which the randomness of the split can get to confuse, but that lengthens the life of the game.

Download: Redungeon (+Free, Google Play) →

Silly Sausage

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It carries the dog sausage at the end of the levels in this fun game with all kinds of platforms and challenges. A game original by the reason that is the extend the body of the dog sausage to thus reach the remote platforms. All a game well curious from this study.

Download: Silly Sausage in Meat Land (Free+, Google Play) →

Rust Bucket

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Back to the RPG, but this time in a fight by shifts that you will allow undo you of all those enemies that is moved in the time that your it do also. Dungeons random as usually spend in this type of category in which Nitrome is located very to like developing games of this class.

Download: Rust Bucket (Free+, Google Play) →


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They finished the Olympics, but this does not mean that you can take the pole and the strange and likeable protagonist of Vault-help! A game in which you measure good jumps and help of the various mechanisms that go over some more points in your favor.

Download: Vault! (+Free, Google Play) →

Magic Touch

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Based on gestures will have to eliminate all the enemies that seek to conquer your Tower. A fast game where you have to draw all these appropriate gestures on the screen so they fall like flies these evil enemies.

Download: Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire (Free+, Google Play) →

Leap Day

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It happened on numerous occasions by these lines and is due to the high-quality treasures. Every day has new levels this platform that manages that in mere minutes you have fun as ever with any other game of this style.

Download: Leap Day (Free+, Google Play) →

Beneath the Lighthouse

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A special puzzle game in which you have to rotate all a Chamber in which the sympathetic and special star is. A relaxed and different game that comes out a bit of the rest of this list. Highly recommended for fans of puzzles and a special graphics treatment.

Download: Beneath The Lighthouse (Free+, Google Play) →

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