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The 3 best apps to view and manage the internal storage of the smartphone

Apps visualizar memoria

These days ago updated one of the best apps to display in a graphic way the space used on the internal memory of the device. Disk Usage is an app that has been your time with us and that is presented in an accurate and elegant interface used and free memory in your Android device. In this way, we will know quickly if we have the cache of some of the apps, such as Evernote, using more memory than we would have thought.

So we are going to carry out a review of the three best apps to view and manage the internal storage that holds our Android mobile device. Three apps that either of them have perfectly fulfills its mission and that have much to see each one of them. Really it will be a matter of personal taste decide for u on the other hand, since the main reason that they exist is perfectly defined when viewing full internal memory or micro SD that you have on your smartphone. The most notable differences are in advertising within the app, the visual interface and some other details.

Disk Usage

It is simplyand the best of the three and is based on some basic principles to help us manage the memory used in the device, or mismamente know how much remains free. If there is something that distinguishes it from the three that you have in this list is its weight, since only occupy 196 kilobytes in memory of your terminal. The other two are the two megabytes, and although it is also light weight application, 196 kilobytes of Disk Usage is something really incredible.

Disk Usage

In the new update is has improved the progress of apps report and corrected information for system apps. It works brilliantly and among some of its features are file search, rendering option or the capacity to delete files directly from within the application.

An completely free app and highly recommended as one of those perfect apps for the system. Ten.

Download: DiskUsage (Free, Google Play) →

Memory Map

It came two years to the heat of Disk Usage and they are virtually identical, although this app attributes it is a better interface, especially in relation to the visual. Weighs 3.2 MB and has one interface to the Material Design that stands out about Disk Usage in this sense. The provision of Visual spaces of memory is also better defined with a kind of square. The color of each of them also helps to identify them.

Memory Map

For €2.50 can eliminate advertising to have an app that improves the visual of Disk Usage, although the latter has no advertising and is completely free. As detail, it offers the possibility to change the color by file type, by date or by high contrast. This feature is another of its greatest virtues if we compare it to the first analyzed in this list of three.

Download: Memory Map – Disk Cleaner (Free*, Google Play) →

DataSize Explorer

Unlike the other two, DataSize Explorer allows us to take to the settings on the first screen displayed the space used and free internal memory of the device. You can select from the displayed size type for what is the physical size, relative total space or space occupied , until some details how to use the horizontal gesture to zoom in the folders. It also allows deletion of hidden files if desired.

Datasize Explorer

Last screen main, we carry out the scanning and free and used space will be us while it is is exploring all the files that we have. This is done in real time so that we can go looking at folders to use more space. Different colors used space for apps, photos, music, or system.

It has advertising within the application that can be eliminated if you buy the Pro version for €0.99.

Download: DataSize Explorer (Free, Google Play) →

Download: DataSize Explorer Pro (€0.99, Google Play) →

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