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The 4 best keyboards by gestures of Android

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Issue of keyboard is hard to take a surprise with one that will surprise, although it is always that some developer will find a niche of users seeking other forms of interaction as it happens with Slash, a keyboard that uses bots so can Google make even searches within the application and thus to share with your friends and family what you want without having to leave the application or already. But that said, it is difficult to find many new features in this category where it seems that everything is invented, until sometime in the coming months we can get our hands on the Microsoft keyboard that launch in iOS and that will supposedly end also on Android.

The list of four keyboards you are going to find here does not bring anything new, but it collects the best apps that use gestures for writing fast and rauda. Surely almost all them know and are between them them cows sacred that seem untouchable and that based updates and improvements van emerging to put them them things well difficult to those developers that is put the objective of launch an app of keyboard for Android. The reality is that not all keyboards allow gestures to write; I have spoken of Slash and also Fleksy, one of the most popular, it offers this feature to which many became accustomed since Swype to break corduroy already a few years ago.

Google keyboard

It takes the first position, although this does not mean that it is the best, Google keyboard. The day that Google finally decided to out of the system to carry it as an app to the Google Play Store, many developers almost got to shout for the high quality that it treasures and for being a keyboard that makes excellent. It always gave me the feeling of being which is released more quickly when you want to start a keyboard, and this is perhaps one of the best virtues when you don’t want to waste time.

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Although does not offer much in the customization, it gives with the appropriate key for the word prediction and deliver great performance when you use gestures or swipes to write devilishly fast. The swipe is where we find one of the traits that define him as one of the best keyboards. You got it for free and if you not tried it you are almost committing sin.

Download: Google keyboard (Free, Google Play) →


It is said that there is no two without three, but we could release that there is no Google without SwiftKey keyboard. This app is which has been able to adapt to the difficulty of the times to offer one of the best experiences of user and a great personalization in all senses.

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He knew how to integrate click through gestures when Swype began to awaken and expand among those millions of Android devices. Is the app’s keyboard by excellence when one wants to have all that is can wait of a keyboard. It is almost a matter of taste that one prefers to SwiftKey on Google keyboard, although the first takes the cake around customization. An of those apps indispensable in Android.

Download: Keyboard SwiftKey (Free*, Google Play) →


One of the classic keyboard apps gestures that began to write and who has also managed to adapt to the times to go demonstrating stronger with these, not so regular updates as the SwiftKey, but it towards a target well clear.

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The predictions work very well, although his dictionary is not as comprehensive as for other applications. It is in the gestures where one of its greatest virtues, and is that when you get used to this method, the power to use shortcuts from A or S keys, saves time to select a whole word or search. One of its peculiarities is that Swype uses Dragon Dictate for the recognition of voice, an alternative to Google own and framing it in a very interesting position. 1.13 euros you have it available in the Play Store.

Download: Swype Keyboard (€1.13*, Google Play) →


One of the best additions like keyboard on Android and that came as a no free app that had to be accessed by means of the payment of an amount of euros. One of his best qualities was his chameleon-like ability to transform the color of the keyboard depending on the app where you were typing. This initiative, for a keyboard that looks like the one from Google, enabled him to collect very good reviews and which became one of the most downloaded new.

Now, when it has become free, has managed to be one of the best alternatives to those known by all. Includes a good amount of options ranging from style keyboard, so one hand, gestures for typing as well as search on Google Now of what you’ve typed. It is free, although it is worth paying to get all its features premiums such as multiple languages, custom keyboard, colors and fonts and much more.

Download: Chrooma Keyboard – Emoji (Free*, Google Play) →

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