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The 820 Snapdragon is already optimized for Google Tango platform


3 weeks ago Lenovo announced the PHAB 2 Pro, the first commercial phone with Google Tango Platform support to augmented reality . A smartphone that inside is the Snapdragon 820 chip that is characterized by its optimizations at the level of software to be compatible in full with Tango.

It is now when Qualcomm announced at MWC Shanghai which is expanding Tango support its 820 Snapdragon SoC to for the next in the series 800 and 600 Snapdragon. Some processors ready for the needs of the Tango platform that uses a large number of sensors for mapping 3D locations where you are and that it is for interiors where its greatest value.

Qualcomm in this regard:

“As we have seen, the Snapdragon 652 offers several advantages to Tango, among which included a high-precision, uniform data collected from several streams, processed efficiently without the need for external and technology processing of sensor and leading camera in the sector. Now, the Snapdragon 820 chip offers the same advantages, while the added the benefit of the best technology in the Snapdragon 800 series, which includes increased performance and even lower power consumption.

The fact is that all processors Snapdragon 600 and 800 series share the same advantages in the architecture needed to provide Tango experiences in greater range mobile formats. Integrated in a same chip, components of the Snapdragon processors are equipped only for processing data in a simultaneous way for five sensors using Tango (gyroscope, accelerometer, and three camera sensors, which includes two new specific sensors for tango: a motion detector and a depth sensor camera) “.”

Qualcomm Tango

You expect Qualcomm is than the Snapdragon 820 to become a standard for hardware that focuses on augmented reality.

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