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The actions in bag of Nintendo fall when those investors discover that not develops Pokemon GO


There are sometimes news well curious and that show how the world sometimes go a little crazy. Madness has been Pokemon GO changing the habits of many people on this planet, and other crazy thing is that investors pulled by shares in Nintendo bag when thinking that it was part of the blame for the great success, but really is Niantic which meets the development and part of the property of this game.

We see, that after the release of Pokemon and millions of players will launch its installation, investors went direct to buy the shares of Nintendo. Now this company stock so legendary they have started to fall once the company revealed that it has not done the game and does not decide anything about the same, so those investors will become well when with this statement from Nintendo itself last Friday.

Of all forms, although the price of the shares of Nintendo are falling, still is found to a great value since Pokemon GO out released to them devices mobile. And is that even with that down, Nintendo is located with a value in shares a 60% top from the launch of the video game the 6 of July.

This same week will be the own company which will offer their results of the quarter this same week, by what is can do a better idea of really the impact and how is is the company in these moments.

What is clear is that some analysts have declared that them investors reacted of a form a little crazy to the statement of Nintendo, while others know that there is space for the growth with the actions limited that has Nintendo on Niantic and The Pokemon Company.

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