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The best covers and covers for Halloween 2016.


Already have Halloween at the turn of the corner. And in Androidsis are preparing us for the feast of the terrors. If you feel comfortable between zombies and caravels, this is your week. Are those enjoyed by disguising you?. If you are lover of the blood and the scars and already have prepared your costume even you lack a thing.

To put you in full in the environment Halloween have that transform you by full. And to be so completely our smartphones also have to do it. So we are going to propose you some cases “terrifying” to be 100% stuck in Halloween.

The most horrific cases for our smartphones.

The Caravel cover

funda caravela

Never miss a Caravel on Halloween. It is a basic party. To go conjoined with a dead living that less that a casing that is at the height. OK, not is terrifying, or da fear. But there are who like to be fashionable and yet go unnoticed. With this case on your smartphone you will not be out of place, but does not call the attention.

Remember that there are still many who deny this “gringo” party. For some Halloween means nothing. And although multinational brands to endeavor to put it in the soup, there are still those who try to stay on the sidelines. With this cover will be decorated but of way discreet.

The cover zombie

funda zombie

Another of the basic on Halloween things are zombies. Those dead living hungry for brains have got do is a hollow important even supplanting to the footballer Count Dracula. We recognize EU this casing is very unpleasant to the eye, and it seems that touch also.

Unlike that it cover Caravel this is totally it contrary to discrete. Intended for those who do live Halloween intensely. When you receive a call your phone not pass unnoticed. Although it seems very comfortable to carry the phone in the pocket of the pants

The ear and hand bags.

fundas oreja y mano

These cases cause rage among the more gores. As you can see they are shells with pieces of glued bodies. Beautiful? Personally do not they seem it. Original Yes, but strange too, and much. In this Halloween passes at all, to taste the colors. If before the zombie might seem you unpleasant, yet we have not found the adjective for these two.

We don’t want to bore you by making an endless list. Always some highlights the wide range of covers for our devices. We do not know if you will be able to dress up your devices with similar accessories. But surely a fan of Halloween dare to be more at the costume party.

In the end, whether we like it or not Halloween is here and we will have to get used. As you can see, it seems impossible to be outside, so we we will be less. Housing, accessories, applications, games, wallpapers, in Androidsis you give it all to keep you updated this Halloween. It only remains to say that you enjoy a great night of terror.

feliz halloween

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