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The best Equalizer apps for Android

The Android operating system has always been prolific in terms of EQs refers and has always been compatible with a large number of applications of equalizer, however, despite this, the truth is that not all music applications contain an equalizer. For example, you can listen to your favorite music in Poweramp (a music player for Android) but then when you do in Google Play Music, you get a different sound experience because Google Play Music does not have native equalizer.

And despite the abundance of global equalizers for Android, their level permissions make it difficult to be really effective. Even so, it is possible to extract a number of the best equalizer for Android apps that Yes, you will have to take into account that not all will work with your device, so you will have to try them for yourself. Let’s take a look at these applications of equalizer.

EQ & Bass Booster

The name of this app’s Equalizer is very explanatory because it counts with an equalizer and a Bass Amplifier. To be more specific, it includes a band equalizer five, ten presets EQ and a Bass Amplifier.

It is one of the simpler applications and its developers claim that it should work with most music players for Android. Its major negative point is that, if you leave it running in the background, it simply won’t do it and will close.

Download: EQ & Bass Booster (Free, Google Play) →

10 band Equalizer

10 band Equalizer is an application that consists exactly in what its name says because it’s an Equalizer which has ten bands and that is special because most have only five. With it you can adjust the frequency of 31Hz to 16 kHz and with a range of 10 DB to – 10dB and also includes a built-in music player, but it should also work with most other music players.

Account also with presets, a volume amplifier, Bass Amplifier, amplifier treble, can adjust the balance left or right. And to make matters worse, it is completely free, although you will have to assume the existence of ads.

Download: 10 Band Equalizer (Free, Google Play) →

EQ music (Music Bass Booster)

Music Bass Booster is one of the simplest applications which you can find in the Google Play Store. It provides the standard of five bands of equalization with ten presets. But you’ll also get a volume amplifier, Bass Amplifier and much more.

It has a “happy” but already outdated design as the rest of applications that we are seeing, however, should also work with most applications on your device. In some cases not kept running in second flat but this is not a bug, but, as said, the question of compatibility.

Download: (Free, Google Play) music equalizer →


Equalizer is one of the best options in terms of equalizers however, the fact that the developer has not touched since 2014 makes it quite likely that you will not function on devices that use the latest versions of Android. Even so, it should work pretty well in older devices and in previous versions of Android, and you won’t be disappointed. It has a free version so you can be sure before.

Equalizer has 11 presets, an equalizer from five bands, auto-detection of presets, an audio sample to test the equalizer, VIRTUALIZER, Bass Amplifier settings, and more.

Download: Equalizer (+Free, Google Play) →

FX equalizer

Equalizer FX is one of the applications of equalizer design clean and modern and is also extremely easy to use. Comes with a five-band, bass boost equalizer, virtualization, and even a sound Enhancer (Android 4.4 and above only). Like most, it comes with a widget together with 12 presets, but you can also create custom presets. It offers integration with the main players and services of streaming audio (Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, TuneIn Radio, etc.). Try it in its free version and then you can opt for the payment which is equal but removes the advertising.

Download: EQ EQ FX (Free, Google Play) →

This is only a small selection of which could be the best Equalizer applications for Android. Have you ever tried them? What do you think? Do you use one that is not on this list?

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