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The best games of terror this Halloween by 2016

Halloween videojuegos

Halloween night is the terror that dwells within us and which can be awakened through a scene from a movie in which two girls roam through a corridor, as in the glow of Stephen King, or that Freddy Krueger that inhabits the dreams of teenagers in nightmare of Elm Street, to kill them while they sleep peacefully in their beds. A day to dress more horrifically and can give a shock of fear of those who remember some of our friends when we go out to wander the streets as if we were mismamente zombies…

So here, in Androidsis, we wear it for Halloween night with various games (and these special housings) that will try to remove that fear turned into a cold sweat that runs through all parts of our body. Not try of search those gameplays or mechanical that us den terror, but video games that have a history damn or that have that atmosphere that simply us acongoje when explored them rooms empty of that House ghostly that us have daring to discover while try to of know where is has stuck our friend. 6 games of real terror and that you have of way free from the Play Store.

Mental Hospital IV

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In the heat of live Nights at Freddy´s have been emerging different plays that we put squarely in an atmosphere and special environment in which darkness takes all its role and be able to wrap the scares and more unusual sounds.

With Mental Hospital IV, if you are capable of turn off the light of the room and put you them headphones, will be capable of live an authentic nightmare from the screen of your smartphone or tablet. An abandoned hospital where madness dwelt in his day, is the centerpiece for a story that will be guessing as you explore its facilities.

Download: Mental Hospital IV Lite (Free, Google Play) →

Eyes the Haunt

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We return to an abandoned house in which we were told that there are some goods of great value. You will enter in it to search them, but you will find ante a ghostly House in which is says that inhabits a ghost. Will experience the fear and the gruesome atmosphere to go discovering little by little them mysteries that is found in this video game called Eyes the Haunt.

Download: Eyes – The Haunt (+Free, Google Play) →

Sinister Edge 3D Horror Game

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In the desperate search for your family, you are the horror and the absolute loss of sanity in a virtual experience where you’ll find a whole series of complex mechanical for what is an adventure of fear. Escape from evil, solve intricate puzzles and see locations with a special atmosphere in this game that also offers an experience of virtual reality if you have glasses VR support.

Download: Sinister Edge game of terror (Free+, Google Play) →

Dark Meadow: The Pact

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In this game you will wake up in a hospital without really knowing the reason why you’ve fallen on that site. An old man will try to prevent you from a beautiful witch whose minions roam the aisles looking for the living. The only way out of this torment or nightmare in which you’re submerged will be when managed to kill the witch who keeps you in that vile hex. A game in which the 3D excels and has more action than the rest of those listed to these lines.

Download: Dark Meadow: The Pact (+Free, Google Play) →

Into the Dead

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We could not aside the action more frantic and zombies, the biggest part in many movies and horror stories. You will find yourself in a terrifying world full of zombies in a Holocaust that does not seem to have purpose. You will have to keep you alive and running as nobody before all those hordes of zombies that come in your way. Do not stop moving in this adventure in high quality 3D and specially recreated atmosphere. A must for Halloween night.

Download: Into the Dead (+Free, Google Play) →

Series Five Nights at Freddy

Five Nights

This series of Five Nights at Freddy is simply the best way of having a nightmare when you go to bed on the night of Halloween. A video game critically acclaimed for its ability of scares and not to be highly recommended for those who suffer from the heart.

Each of the titles in the series will take you by the more psychic horror and dark so that every sound you put on alert in this great experience of terror so special for that night of Halloween.

All the games

Download: Five Nights at Freddy’s (2.45 €+, Google Play) →

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