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The best puzzle games for Android

We are in full holiday of Easter. In fact, many that not you able to enjoy holiday today you’ll be enjoying a day of rest and which not, ye shall do it tomorrow. So it is the perfect time to “put hand” games and among them, the category of puzzles or puzzle are having a tremendous success in recent times.

Puzzle games are among the most popular games for Android, in fact, we could say that they are living their golden age. Moreover, we must not forget that one of the franchises of individual mobile games more popular, Angry Birds, is a puzzle-based game.

Puzzle games for everyone

Indeed, there are many people who when they hear “puzzle games” think in the classic puzzle consisting of hundreds or thousands of pieces that, properly positioned, just by completing a specific image. Nothing further from the truth. That is the idea base however, the genre has evolved steadily over the past years and the developers have given birth to new and exciting forms of mock brains, making us think more and more, something that is never over. Nor can we forget that puzzle games are easy to play on smartphones and tablets, and this, obviously, also has helped increase its popularity rapidly.

We will then see a list with some of the best puzzle games for Android, and I repeat it “some of the best” because the complete list would be immense and, finally and after all, the final decision is for each user. In any case, there it goes:


2048 is popular puzzle games in which you start with a grid and your goal is to combine all the cards with the same number to create new numbers. Then you must combine to create even greater numbers. The game ends when you can not combine more chips.

In this version you will find various sizes of grid (in greater size increased complexity), from four by four to eight by eight. The game is free, provided that it does not matter you see some ads.

Download: 2048 (Free+, Google Play) →


One of the most popular games, puzzle games-based and that will remind us hopelessly Nokia snake game:

Controls your tiny point and eat other players to grow. But be careful: bigger than you players will try to put you for dinner. Survive and eat long enough to become the largest game point!

Download: Agar.IO (+Free, Google Play) →


Limbo is a side-scrolling adventure game, and one of the most popular puzzle games. It shall adopt the identity of a small boy that cake for his sister wandering in Limbo.

It will take you several hours to complete the displacement side and, as you progress, you will have to solve a variety of puzzles and challengess.

Its price, €5,30, can be excessive in relation to its duration however, has been highly praised by users and critics alike, and is of excellent quality.

Download: LIMBO (€5.30, Google Play) →


Mekorama is one of the best puzzle games free that you’ll find in the Play Store: simple graphics, simple mechanics, but with puzzles that will make you break you head. It has 50 levels of play which you must pass for free.

Download: Mekorama (+Free, Google Play) →


Prune is another incredibly beautiful design puzzle game.  beautifully done. The basic premise is that you have a plant that will help grow through 48 levels that you can sync between devices, so you can serve it at any time.

Prune is a love letter to the trees. A game about the beauty and the joy of farming.
Just slide a finger, it is cultivated and gives shape to your tree to the sun while you avoid the dangers of a hostile world. It infuses life into a forgotten landscape and discover a hidden history in the bowels of the Earth.

Download: Prune (€3.99, Google Play) →

And in addition…

Download: 11 mushroom (€5.49, Google Play) →

Download: realMyst (€7.99, Google Play) →

Download: Shadowmatic (+Free, Google Play) →

Download: République (€2,29+, Google Play) →

Download: Crossy Road (Free+, Google Play) →

Download: Cluedo (€3.99, Google Play) →

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