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The best qualities of the 4 best apps for taking notes

Apps tomar notas

On a day in which we have an Evernote which has published changes in the prices for Plus and Premium plans and restriction of the basic account to merely two devices where we can have synchronized all notes, is the best time to learn to what we can expect if we seek alternatives to this great app for taking notes that due to its characteristics make it something special.

So we are going to carry out a review by the special qualities of each one of the four best apps for taking notes that we have at the moment. EverNote, Google Keep, OneNote, and SimpleNote are four apps that you can start to install to check which you can come to your own needs. And in this last where there is one know to combine it with an app that perhaps not even though both, has a minimalist interface, or may seek more plain text without much flaunt.


EverNote is the app to take notes more complete existing at the time. If you want to have your Notes Organizer, this app is perfect for this because of the different tools such as address book and tags. If we now add the possibility to use different colors for the books and the tags, the organization is also exercised from a visual perspective very interesting when we use Evernote on your desktop.


If one looks for a more serious app for taking notes, research projects or have a notebook where all what you want to remember, Evernote outperforms the rest.

Download: EverNote – stay organized (Free*, Google Play) →


Microsoft OneNote offers some of the most interesting to write features notes. We have the creative company of the best office suite, and this is noted at the time that one gets to throw a note from your mobile device. We’re talking about rich text, images and tables, offering the same Evernote, but can also use a marker and tools to highlight anything we want.


We even have the option of adding lines for that so it seems that we we have a notebook like that they used at the school. OneNote that for those users who want to make a quick note probably is too, but is a great alternative if you are looking for something different.

Download: OneNote (Free, Google Play) →

Google Keep

Keep is the perfect balance between an app to take basic notes and a more complex system such as Evernote. If you want nothing more to write a quick note, Keep not you will take no time to have it synchronized across all your devices. And it is that you can keep to-do lists or normal text notes without having to go to books of notes or other schemes in the organization.


Another of its qualities is that it hides some interesting features such as the ability to Add a voice note or image to your notes, add a color code and mark them for fast filtering and the ability to even share them with others so you have the same information. We have this last feature also present in Evernote and it is quite important for collaborative work.

Keep is possibly that fight in a face to face with Evernote for being the best app to take note, and is also having reminders that work with Google Now, what adds quality as a whole.

Download: Google Keep: notes and checklists (Free, Google Play) →


SimpleNote going in the opposite direction to Evernote and goes to the most minimalist and basic side of Keep. An app that is developed for the simplest things and use plain text without any special format. That Yes, you can mark or “pin” certain notes, or also search among your notes file, but here is where we end up talking in terms of organization.


An app for minimalism, low weight and quick action which is taking notes.

Download: Simplenote (Free, Google Play) →

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