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The best watch faces for Android Wear

Android Wear 2.0

In the same way that happens with Android in smartphones and tablets, Android Wear highlights, among other facets, by their level of customization and in particular, by the possibility of personalizing their watch faces, also known as spheres for clock or clock faces.

Although it’s a small customization in operational terms, allows you to customize the watch faces your watch Android Wear look really like you want, that is really yours, unique, distinguishable and different to all the others. For this, there is a wide variety of options, but today in Androidsis we are going to show some of the best watch faces that work with Android Wear both Android Wear 2.0. Shall we start?

Black Metal HD Watch Face

Let’s start with one of the watch faces for Android Wear elegant, Black Metal HD Watch Face, a face of watch ideal for the more adventurous. It offers an look black brushed metal style, and has customizable elements as part of the new “Complications” feature introduced in Android 2.0 Wear. Thus, can be viewed (both the phone and the clock) battery, Google Fit, current weather conditions and more.

This watch face has practically everything you need and offers great performance while is one of the easiest areas, but better Android Wear.

Download: Black Metal HD Watch Face (Free+, Google Play) →

2Elegant Watch Face

2Elegant Watch Face is a simple, easy, watch face but that he does his work well. It is also compatible with the complications of Android Wear 2.0 so that you can customize items to always have to view aspects such as clock or battery of phone, the statistics of Google Fit, stopwatch, timer, and other essentials.

Take a look at the rest of watch faces developed by RichFace, many of them also Wear Android 2.0-compatible.

Download: 2Elegant Watch Face (€1.49, Google Play) →

Bubble Cloud Widgets + Wear

Bubble Widget and Wear Launcher offers a watch Android Wear 2.0 compatible and fully interactive display. It is basically an application launcher which becomes the face of your watch watch. Of course, you’ll see the time, but you’ll also have a variety of shortcuts to quickly open applications that you use most frequently.

Place applications, contacts, and bookmarks style Apple Watch “circular clouds” at home on the phone or watch Android Wear screens.

Download: Bubble Cloud Widgets + (+Free, Google Play) Wear →

Pujie Black Watch Face

Pujie Black Watch Face is another face of clock for Android Wear highly customizable because it offers the necessary tools so that you can design a face of clock depending on your preferences.

It is also compatible with the complications of Android Wear 2.0, and can function as an application launcher with shortcuts to apps installed on your watch.

It does not have free version so to test it you must pay 1.49 euros, a very considerate price taking into account their characteristics.

Download: Pujie Black Watch Face (€1.49, Google Play) →

Facer Watch Faces

Facer Watch Faces is an original application that allows you to create your own clock faces for Android Wear. The application provides you a template with some instructions and from there, begins to try and experience. It is true that it has some learning curve, but do not panic, if you overwhelmed, you can download the designs made by other users. Currently has a selection of more than 15,000 watch faces, many of them are free and some others are extra.

By the way, it is also compatible with Android Wear 2.0 and new complications.

Download: Facer Watch Faces (Free+, Google Play) →

Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant

And finalized this selection of watch faces for Android Wear with Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant, compatible with Android Wear 2.0 and its complications, offering over 20,000 designs of spheres of clock as well as support for specific applications such as Spotify, Pocket Casts and others. With a price of €1.59, it is one of the best areas of clock applications.

Download: Watch Face – Minimal & Elegant (€1.59, Google Play) →

Of course there are many more in the Play Store, both as free. What use you? Any of the of this list?

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