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The beta of Xperia Nougat at the Xperia X performance starts to be deployed

Xperia beta

Sony is one of the manufacturers that more commitment to Android updates and present with a higher version beta since with Marshmallow launched it for the Xperia Z3. A company that deals provide a good light custom coating, allowing it greater versatility when it comes to properly integrate those updates.

Today we know that Android 7.0 Nougat for the Xperia in beta form is being deployed for users having a Xperia X Perfomance and participate in this phase of testing. The beta is open no more than for those who have the variant of a SIM (F8131) of Xperia X Perfomance in selected regions.

Users will be able to upgrade to 7.0 Android Nougat with the 39.2 firmware build number. a. 0248, which includes patches of security from October 1.


As already expected, first impressions gathered by users do not include anything in particular, because there is no radical change in what would be the user interface. That Yes, is have those features striking as the capacity to split the screen and those changes in the panel of notifications.

With regard to the terminal itself, Sony includes new options in the camera app with manual control of shutter and iSO speed to 23 MP. This update to Nougat also includes the latest version of STAMINA mode.

Users have also confirmed the solution of several bugs like that of the auto-rotation and an improvement in what would be the sensitivity of the touch of the screen. Can see those screenshots where you can find some of them new details of the beta of Nougat for them Xperia, but it said, not there is a great difference to which have in Marshmallow.

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