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The camera of Xperia X suffers from a bug getting to the terminal to overheat

Xperia X

Xperia phones have always been criticized by the high temperatures that suffer at certain times. It is also something than any other phone, does not save even the S7 Galaxy edge when you miss games games heats up enough, but let’s say that Japanese manufacturer has always been involved with these problems. We can remember the problem that got the Xperia Z3 + into the camera with those unexpected closures when the camera is used.

It seems that the new Xperia X, the phone of the new range, that has replaced the Z, is having overheating problems with the camera. It is precisely when it records video in 1080 p resolution when this phone starts to heat up too much. A bug that will be a problem for the sales of this terminal which is already in the showcases of the commercial establishments in our country in this same weekend.

It is the YouTuber Damir Franc that since their platform has launched a video where the camera Sony Xperia X passes a temperature normal to suffer overheating to finish closing the camera app within 10 minutes. The funny thing is that even the Galaxy S7 camera can reach 40 degrees temperature, but without any degradation in performance.

Also, the own Damir, says that when leans a few games to its Xperia X for an hour, the smartphone is 38 degrees, implying to think that the Snapdragon 820 chip is not the problem and comes from more than the camera, so a bug may be the reason to make this happen. We hope that Sony is able to fix the error soon and apply an update, if it is that we are talking about a bug of software.

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