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The CEO of Huawei wondered what are the smartwatches

Huawei Watch 2

I admit that when I read the news it has been me, at least, quite curious, although a headline as “Huawei has launched two smartwatches but their CEO is not yet known what” has made a significant contribution to this. However, the words of Eric Xu Zhijun reflect a reality, and it is the segment of smart watches are stilllooking for your site.

Indeed, the Huawei company has already launched two smartwatchs with Android Wear so far, namely, the Huawei Watch in the year 2015 and, more recently, Huawei Watch 2. But the CEO of the company does not seem to be convinced that the smartwatch industry will succeed.

According to the information published in the South China Morning Post, the CEO of Huawei Eric Xu Zhijun, would have declared within the framework of the Global Summit of analysts Huawei 2017 that “I am always confused as to what they are used for the smartwatches when we have smart phones”.

In fact, Zhijun says that whenever the Development Department of the company smartwatch team introduces you to news, he has to remind the members of the team that there must be some real needs in the market for such devices.

Thus, it seems that Eric Xu Zhijun is not very convinced that there is a need at this time for the smartwatches, while Huawei has launched two of these devices.

As we said, the comments from the CEO of Huawei are not so crazy as initially we could imagine, because they reflect what still wonder many analysts and executives of companies manufacturers of smartphones: will end the smartwatches to conquer to the mass public as smartphones?

Today the CEO of Huawei’s statements show that the industry is still looking for hollow suitable for the segment of the smartwatches or smart watches.

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