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The Chief of security of Google says that the Pixel is as safe as the iPhone


To go directly to that space in which they were almost to the iPhone and Galaxy S7, is now confronted Pixel to know which is the best phone and if it is worth entering the first manufactured by the big G phone. There are many positive aspects which have Pixel, as photography in low light conditions, but in lathe safety is not that it has spoken much.

Adrian Ludwig, director of security in Android, has said that Google Pixel and the iPhone are practically identical in terms of their abilities when one speaks of security. At a conference yesterday, Ludwig also pointed out that the open Android ecosystem would ensure that this was even more confident than iOS of Apple in the future.

The iPhone has always been perceived as more secure platform, thanks, above all, to the difference in how the security patches are deployed through iOS compared to Android. Ludwig maintains that the number of phones Android that have applications potentially harmful installed is less than the one percent, although the fragmentation between the different systems Android and them delays between them them patches of security, are still an element to take in has.

The reason why Ludwig believes that the open Android ecosystem could result in greater security at the time, it was not explained, but his belief is based on the software open source allows a greater variety of approaches in identifying different security settings.

Ludwig also mentioned that an attack brought on multiple targets at the same time is almost impossible on Android, and does not expect it to happen sometime in the Android ecosystem. A few words that come to what happened with those attacks on multiple platforms and little more than one week ago.

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