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The cost of manufacture of the Pixel XL is $ 285

Google Pixel

To the cost 278 dollars the manufacturing of the Pixel XL, this phone is put to the height that others range high as are the iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy S7 edge of Samsung. Was your idea main, the place is in a space in which fight in a face to face against those two phones. And it is that the cost also has succeeded.

He cost of the manufacturing of the Google Pixel is about to it same that their rival direct, a movement logical and expected, especially since the objectives of the great G is offer another alternative to those iPhone and Galaxy. By what the cost in materials for the Pixel XL with screen of 5, 5″ with 32 GB of memory is of 278 dollars, according to a study estimated from IHS Markit.

By what the index cost to price of sale is in line of the range high with prices high where the iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy S7 edge will carry all them of win. Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of cost for IHS Markit services, explains it:

Total BOM cost for Google Pixel XL are, without any surprise, in line with its direct competitors, since base supplies and specifications are very similar from one phone to another, because this is an iPhone, a Galaxy or Google Pixel XL series phone. The Pixel clearly is focused in the same space of range high occupied by the iPhone and the series Galaxy S of Samsung, with prices of sale equal that those products.

It best for the Pixel is that now has an advantage to Samsung, since the Note 7 is has been out of game in these months so important in which them Christmas are to almost it turned of the corner and will be many which have as gift a phone of range high.

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