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The exciting puzzle Zenge is on offer in the Play Store for € 0.10

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Each week the Google Play Store puts apps and video games with offers that are capable of putting us before content of great quality without pay much. Most of these weekly specials are for € 0.10, so, if you have a positive balance thanks to these surveys in Rewards, you’ll have the great choice of access apps a quite reduced form in the price premiums.

This week he has had the turn of Zenge, a beautiful puzzle game that puts you in an excellent visual quality. From today you can access the purchase of this puzzle game by €0.10 in the time that last offer. A game that usually cost its €0.99, so you’re at the perfect time for a game of high quality that you’ve put together certain parts as if a puzzle of truth were.

Zenge puts you in the history of the solitary traveller Eon through various puzzles where you have to join all the pieces in the correct order. Can turn or give it back to those parts so finally is as the image end. A video game to relax in a lively manner and in which the stress almost disappears to find us with a gameplay that allows you to breathe calmly without timers or other measures.


Is just now when is has updated with el system of leaders and achievements of Play Games when its developer has decided put it in offer at the price of 0.10€. A game that usually cost the € 0.99 without micropayments within the application, so it has its content from a single payment.

Zenge knows how to play their cards well to offer a great quality in the visual and a gameplay that thanks to try and erra can be solving each of the puzzles that we have in this beautiful adventure.

Download: Zenge (0.10 €, Google Play) →

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