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The family Nexus gives bygone, Google confirmed it officially

Nexus 7

Yesterday was the day in which is started a new time for Google with the launch of Pixel, his great bet of future that will mark other lines and objectives for trying to carry is by front to the range high and, of step, to Samsung and Apple. To the appear the brand Pixel in the first smartphone designed by Google, the family Nexus not is that pass to a second plane, but that will disappear.

In the event of Google not discussed at any time of a Huawei Nexus 7 p with Andromeda, a device that will be rather the so-called as Pixel XXL or something similar. So already can tell that the family Nexus already not will have no new Member, and those 5 X and 6 p will be the last that see as a series that was rather a Bank of tests for all those Pixel that us expect soon.

If have known makes a time that Google has between their rows to a new Vice President for development of product, strategies to long term and more projects by come, to various media, yesterday them of Mountain View confirmed that the Nexus pass to best life.

A Nexus that have served to devise of a best form what has come being Android in them last times with all type of luck and setbacks. The truth that those Nexus 4 and 5, them tablets Nexus 7 or the last 5 X and 6 p, have gone fitting in the needs and tastes of hundreds of thousands of users in all the world. A field of pumps perfect both for Android as to them developers of third that could create ROMs custom and design better their apps with the latest news of the SO of Google.

Those that have last in any moment by some Nexus, will be still in our memory or in our shelving as an object of collector (that first Nexus 7 with its box still remain there well saved)

As you could tell: R.I.P. Nexus

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