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The first details of the Project Tango of Lenovo phone leaked

Project Tango

Earlier this year, in 2016 CES, Lenovo officially announced its agreement with Google to bring Projet Tango form generates to the general public. It is now when Evan Blass, one of the most prolific news filter cloth, has released some details on this new device.

According to Evan, the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro will be the first Project the company Tango device. It is has not shared much of the terminal, but that Evan has leaked the size of the terminal with 6.4-inch screen. A size similar to that you said in your Google day with 6.5 inch.

On that day in which Google mentioned this device’s screen size, thought in general that the terminal would fall most of that size, but finally it is one inch difference. We know little more apart from the price reference, although it has not been confirmed, it is less than $ 500.

For those who are not abreast of Project Tango, its great feature is that it uses a lot of sensors and cameras to map the space around the user in real time. Some of the demos released by Google includes technology that is capable of measuring a room and locate virtual furniture in a space that can be in the same room of the user. Among some of the features of its technology is the ability to create 3D maps of interior locations.

It will be in Lenovo Tech World 2016, just at the end of this week, from where we can share more details about the PHAB2 Pro to get a better idea of the type of device that will be, the hardware and the rest of details. At least we know that can serve us as a device of this type that comes out a little unusual for smartphones and tablets to which we are accustomed.

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