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The first MadeByGoogle store will open in New York on 20 October


Google goes right to launch is by their own phones and if already saw to Samsung and Huawei warning of that would seek to create their own SO, is because already knew in advance the objective of them of Mountain View. If we have known three days ago to Pixel, open criticism of many and even Google has hired the Chief Engineer of product from Amazon, plus the option of creating their own chips, now prepares to open MadeByGoogle the store.

Google intends to open a new shop called MadeByGoogle in New York, precisely on 20 October will be located in 96 Spring Street, in lower Manhattan. As the name suggests, will be the store ideal to show them new devices that unveiled during the event of hardware of the Tuesday. This includes Google Home and two new phones Pixel.

We do not know if Google intends to keep the store open or if you extend this type of establishment to other markets and regions. But actually has its sense. Google is introducing a variety of new and very ambitious products. Until anyone wants to pay that high price, surely many they will want to try them first-hand. This strategy has helped much to Apple and we know all the way to follow.

The shop MadeByGoogle it is not the first attempt of this type Google. During the Google Glass experiment, he was operating a chain of shops in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

So, if Google has the intention of be a project to long term, that shop dara greater place to critical, views and others suggestions that is have gone looking in these days. It is a reality, is that Pixel has come to stay, as I proclaimed yesterday the same in this article itself.

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