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The first spot for Huawei in immaculate CV, the P8 runs out of Nougat

Huawei P8

Samsung looked at Apple in certain aspects, and is now Huawei which look to the manufacturer in others, but we don’t like anything that is in the slowing down of the arrival of the updates where to put the eye, since in the end we are in it seems that all they want is that every year you change your terminal to have the latest version of Android. It’s almost that they are forcing you to do it unless you have to, but if that show you the way so your same stray toward him and change your phone.

In yesterday’s Huawei published the list of terminals Android 7.0-upgrade and among them are the most important, but missing two that are not really understood why not updated to Nougat. In the case of the P8 Lite might be understandable by the subject of the processor, as happened to the Z3 Xperia, but of the P8 there who understand it. Behold, we are confident this great brand it has achieved in a few years be as one of the references, but a flagship of 2015 has its Nougat, is not acceptable.

Following the path of Samsung

When the users do not complain of inadequate services that give large companies, get what others that reach the market copied this way. An example is the issue of updates to Samsung which, as we all know, are slow in coming to the flagships of the previous year. The complaints are not intense, so managers “understand” that we must not invest much in the subject of updates, since users do not finally pass or for two years for acquiring a new terminal.


This has understood it Huawei, and now we are left without Nougat for Huawei P8, a terminal flagship launched last year and had the obligation that Android 7.0 came into the bowels of the phone in the form of a software update. This is the list of mobile Huawei that will have Nougat:

  • Huawei P9
  • Huawei P9 Lite
  • Huawei P9 Plus
  • 8 Matt Huawei
  • Huawei Nova
  • Huawei Nova Plus

Too many words before those two well notable absences for the third largest manufacturer that most sold in the world. A hot topic of updates that can be dangerous at the time but are cared for well, since we now have a wide variety of manufacturers who are able to offer a great experience Android and that tend to upgrade their phones.

Bucking the trend given by the Pixel

It curious of that lack in updates is that is in contrast with the ideal of Google with their Pixel. On your phone, it will upgrade immediately for two years to the latest version of Android, so it gives walk that one might be interested by this smartphone and those who will follow at foot juntillas.

Google Pixel

A few updates that increasingly are gaining more importance for others, so even beta programs are launched in a public way, remember to Nougat OnePlus 3, and thus users can update their phones properly.

What must not happen is that we are getting used to the flagships of the previous year to pass to be feature phones in nothing more than a year, because any of those of 2015, with a 7.0 Android Nougat, they work even better and have better efficiency in battery.

If you take the memory with regard to Huawei, it would be the first stain of this manufacturer which has been kept pristine since he ascended meteoricamente years ago. We’ll see if it does any effect in its evolution to move to Apple in two years, as they told their executives not long ago.

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