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The Galaxy Note 7 of replacement continue taking failures of battery, although already not exploit

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (2)

It seemed that with the launch of the program of replacing the last week, was finally going to end the nightmare that Samsung is living with his Galaxy Note 7 However, it seems that things are still going for long.

Some users who already have a new device in their hands, are reporting that the battery problems continue, although in this case already there are no explosions or fires, if not a malfunction.

Note 7-Galaxy resists

If you thought you were finally going to stop hearing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its tremendous problem of battery, I’m afraid that will not, at least for the time being. As the company South Korean distributes them devices that replace to them explosive versions earlier, increase them complaints of users regretting is of that them new models of the Galaxy Note 7 still presenting problems with the battery. By luck, seems that the blasts themselves would have arrived to its end.

As he published the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, echoing a widespread information turn by South Korean TV news network YTN, detected several cases of Galaxy Note 7 of replacement that have difficulty being loaded or whose batteries are downloaded rapidly.

According to Samsung, the problem not is of the battery

For the moment, Samsung has not confirmed the number of cases that have been reported, but a spokesman for the company said that the problem “is unrelated to the batteries”, and that the company is investigating the reported cases.

In one of these cases, the user declares that its Galaxy Note 7 downloading too fast and that is not loaded correctly. He pointed out that, after overnight connected to the mains, the percentage of the battery only had increased by 10%. YTN proved the same device, finding that the battery was downloaded from 75% to 49% in just 39 minutes.

For now, these cases seem to be limited to South Korea. Samsung has declared that is is of incidents isolated however, is inevitable the fear that is try of a new problem in mass that would damage even more the reputation of Samsung and the confidence d them consumers in their devices.

By the time, still is soon to evaluate the case, and nor can ignore the possibility of that is concerned of reports false as which already is have produced.

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