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The Galaxy S7 sales soar Samsung benefits adults in 2 years

Galaxy S7 edge

To anyone you is strange that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a phone simply spectacular and this has got that their sales will have fired. A smartphone that has the better camera, better screen and a balance as a whole that I spoke of his review makes a few days. All these qualities are safeguarded by a battery which, although you make excessive use of mobile, is capable of going a day without problems.

This brings us to the figures published by Samsung Electronics for its earnings in the second quarter, confirming previous estimates indicating that the company has obtained its greatest benefits in two years. Them income were of 45.200 million of $, a 5 percent on makes a year, while the benefits have been of 7.220 million of dollars, what is considered as a 18 percent more.

Samsung mobile division took more than half of revenues and profits, with the company noting important sales of its well-received logo S7 Galaxy and Galaxy S7 Edge thus continued from the previous quarter. Of the two, the Edge was that made more than half of the sales of the Galaxy S7, improving the benefits of the series, while Samsung has also benefited by the most related with products of range series low and medium.

There are sold more edge than the standard version, indicates one of the reasons why the Galaxy Note 7 will have a single version with the curved sides, and it’s a type of phone that is like many.

Samsung said that it hopes to keep these important sales through the third quarter with the help of the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 which will be announced on Tuesday that comes.

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