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The game Shadowmatic, great success in iOS, finally comes to Android

Shadowmatic es un curioso juego de puzles que ya está en Android

In January 2015, Armenia Triada Studio Games company launched Shadowmatic. It was an exclusive game for iOS which was much more than a simple puzzle game, and proof of this is that Apple award was the app with the best design by 2015, among many other awards.

Now, this game already you can play on our Android devices. On 3 March, triad Studio Games hung in the Play Store version for Android’s Shadowmatic, to the delight of those who had been captivated with a game that already we have said, is special both for its design and playability, as while it’s doing puzzles, these are not a usual way.

In Shadowmatic, the object we need to create is a reflection on the wall. Thus, through parts of different shapes and sizes, we have to create a completely abstract object but reflects, as in a game of Chinese shadows, an object in the real world, is an animal or a thing.

To give you an idea, this video explains and reflects how to play Shadowmatic:

Click here to view the embedded video.

The quality of the graphics, there to join the music. Each of the twelve rooms has its own atmosphere and, of course, their own music. The developers encourage players to use headphones when they play, to finish completely wrapped up in the environment that create music, sounds, and the design of each scenario.

If you want to download this game on your Android device and test it, you can do so by clicking here:

Download: Shadowmatic (+Free, Google Play) →

The download is free, but only will allow us to play the first fourteen levels of the game, something that has a little angry users, eager for more. If we want to continue making progress in the game and overcoming the challenges that proposes, will have to go shopping a bit to little or the full game.

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