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The global distributions of smartphones grows only 7% in 2016

Cifras ventas globales

When many people say that we we have a market oversaturated due to the large number of brands that sell phones and a technology with which it is easier to stand out from the others, then appear figures that confirm what was said in more mature markets where there are certain reasons to find these percentages that share some firms.

The reality is that already we will not find us most double figures of percentages on sales of smartphones increasing globally, and is something that confirms the same firm Gartner, saying that growth will be 7 percent this year. Market last year grew at a steady 14.4%, so that figure is reduced to half if Gartner is right. Another, GfK, has also predicted the same figure in the month of March, so we have two that are in the same numbers.

Ms. Roberta Cozza, Director of Gartner, has found several reasons for this decline, but that takes more prominence is the cycle of updates has increased to reach the 2 and a half years, something that won’t change for the next five years. Apart from the fact that most manufacturers are released to emerging markets and economies in development to try to continue with numbers positive.

The African market is also looking to promote such sales, as it is the case in sub-Saharan Africa where sales of smartphones exceeded sales of phones for the first time last year. Meanwhile, India and China remain the two most dynamic markets. India expected that if one count with 139 million sales this year, which means a growth rate of 29.5%. A spectacular figure at a time that overall the sector is finding smaller percentages such as the global 7% that is estimated for the year 2016.

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