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The Google Pixel not are resistant to the water for lack of time

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Kelsey McClellan Wired popular Web journalist has revealed through a podcast very interesting information about the new line Google Pixel, Pixel and Pixel XL.

And is that speaking with representatives of Mountain View shortly after the official presentation of the phones, they explained that new phones from the big G non-water resistant, although Yes to splash, for a very simple reason: lack of time.

The Google Pixel not have resistance to the water by lack of time to obtain the certification IP required

Google Pixel

We have seen recently that, although these terminals have a certificacion IP53 that gives them a great splash resistance and little more, a user has performed a test by dipping a Google Pixel for an hour phone has endured without problems. But is a case exceptional and not you recommend do it as lose it warranty and can that your phone is turn in a beautiful and expensive paperweight.

The problem is that Google wore much time working in his own line of phones, before discard all the project to end of 2015 and begin again. What does it mean? That actually both the Google Pixel as the Google Pixel XL passed of the table of design to it’s production in little more than 9 months.

With a margin of time so short, the team of Google in charge of these new terminals had to cut somewhere, and resistance to dust and water was one of them. Eye, I say that these terminals have an IP53 certification which gives resistance to splashes and dust phone, but is not certified IP67 or IP68 officially allowing soak a terminal for long without any risk.

A wrong less taking in has lto great host that is having the new line of terminals of the great G between the press that already has crowned to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL as them best terminals of the time.

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