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The graphic spectacle at the highest level in a shoot ‘ em up called Sky Force Reloaded

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A week ago went over the virtues and benefits of Air Attack 2, a new shoot ‘ em up of great quality in the visual and that this same I said to myself as well that this arcade developers have done. What happens is that whenever someone raises the bar of visual quality, soon appears that almost gets you streets and get enthralled by the quality that has imposed in the graphics. Something that can happen to us with other shoot ‘ em up that has come a few days ago and boasts a great technical implementation at all levels.

Sky Force Reloaded is the return of this small franchise to your mobile device when back in 2014 launched the first Sky Force. It got more than 5 million downloads, was free, and contained a generous amount of micropayments, something already typical today and what not AWE us. In Sky Force Reloaded back to the same thing, but to another level in the graphic, sound, content and spectacular with some scenes and moments worth praise continually. The Studio responsible for the development of this new shoot em pup really have done a great job, so if you were looking for an arcade-type gaming machines this summer, I assure you that you have found it.

A sublime technical development

With the mentioned Air Attack 2 I was really amazed by the quality of the textures, lighting and that option to be able to destroy all the urban architecture that is looming at the foot of our combat aircraft, but in Sky Force Reloaded, we go to the next level to have that same but used in best way to have some epic moments in which the smile appears to us with the desire to go destroying the enemy without stopping since the great make of the team responsible for its development.

Sky Force Reloaded

We have a genre that has been used on numerous occasions and has quite a few examples in which look to at least stand to a good height in quality, but the truth is that Sky Force Reloaded has managed to play their cards to bring the pure essence of such securities to add more quality to using technical capabilities of a mobile device today.

You will have to go annihilating every living creature, in the shape of all kinds of ships, which is placed in front of yours. As in the previous, you have to go to rescuing the survivors among all this technical deployment of weapons, pumps, lights, flashes and other.

Customize your ship

We will have to go collecting all those stars that leave ships that we go destroying with our power of shooting on his way. These will allow us to upgrade the weaponry as well as go over some different types of weapons to go leaving well clean these levels.

Sky Force Reloaded

In each of the levels that we will discover, we will have a series of achievements or missions to meet to move to the next. The first few times we will have to make a quick walk to finish with the final boss, to go over some points and improve our ship.

Sky Force Reloaded also stands out as having some bosses of those which occupy almost all the space of the screen and with which we will have to study its sequences of attack to find a nook or weak spot in them and attack savagely. Something already known by those who have played this kind of titles previously.

Got you free from the Play Store with obvious micropayments and is one of the best shoot ‘ em up that we’ve seen in recent times. That Yes, prepare a few megs, since takes its space on your mobile.

Technical quality

Sky Force Reloaded

All the work done in the visual in this game is simply superb. Sometimes gets to stay stunned looking for details on the kind of storm that forms around your ship and that manages to offer a great effect of depth. The graphic effects in explosions or powerful laser of a ship enemy are some of the main characteristics and that lead us to a graphic level not seen previously in a shoot ‘ em up.

The rest embroider it and we can hardly say anything negative, but that you’ll need a good CPU to get all that shine.

Opinion of the editor


  • It is visually sublime
  • Its graphic effects in explosions
  • Great success in the gameplay


  • Need a good CPU

Download application

Download: Sky Force Reloaded (Free*, Google Play) →

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