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The high-end demands the throne that was taken from you

Gama alta

Until it appeared the Xiaomi, Meizu and in one last case, although different, the Huawei, Samsung was too quiet andn this high-end Android which allowed him to dominate the market of mobile devices. Did anyone coughing to the Korean manufacturer, since none approached him the nowhere near the capacity to launch smartphones of all colors and ranges.

Perhaps because of the bad choices or because they thought that no one was going to be able to snatch that absolute dominance, let himself carried away by the tedium and threw a few Galaxy S4 and S5 that failed to give the needs in those moments of users that spent spend more than the 600 euros for a device. Xiaomi jumped to the fore, followed by dozens and later Samsung was between the sword and the wall. Now, in the last few months, we are seeing a resurgence of the high-end with several items that indicate a trend.

Not all is Samsung

The seat you and trust that everything is going very well, usually a double-edged weapon, especially because you’re not putting all meat on the grill and you are allowing others to have a moment to think of other strategies to attack you in your weak points. Pongo as a example to Samsung because it is partly the culprit that Xiaomi, Meizu and others so many are lodged between her long legs, and the same wing X in Star Wars, with those long strings processed in low-end phones and media, to get to the unwieldy AT-ATs (all terrain armored transport) fall being succumbed by the maneuverability from terminals from China.


The range low and medium raided the market of mobile phones and even Apple had to find an excuse to launch this year a phone smaller and priced a little lower. Samsung has launched several series with which counteract the effect of all these telephone numbers between 100 and 200 euros, but where it appears that there may be a change of course, is in the resurgence of the high-end luxury products.

The high-end returns to track

We met today to Huawei Mate 9 Pro, a phone 5, 9″, 256 GB of memory, 4 GB RAM, screen with curved sides to the S7 edge and a camera with optical zoom 4 X. Also a few weeks ago we met the great Google Pixel, which attacks to reach the height of Apple with their elevated prices. And nor us can forget of that would have been if the Galaxy Note 7 would have been a nice dream instead of that authentic nightmare.


Us see before a series of smartphones that seek touch the limits of them heaven that is right now that range high in which is van to them 700-1000 euros. And that I have forgotten to mention Apple and its iPhone 7, flying over to this high-end Android seeking their own space to differentiate themselves from these phones range low, more human and more simple dual cameras, edge or zoom screens optical 4 x.

Mate 9

The big G also has his fault, not only by offering a 7.1 Android that has spectacular performance as shown in the videos review of Pixel, but by forcing Samsung and Huawei to put everything of themselves to get a smartphone that rubs the limits and barriers that seemed insurmountable, at least now in prices.

When more we thought we moved the high end, and that we not already needed these smartphones of high prices, we will be witnessing as the largest manufacturers prepare their winning bets with phone premium of I don’t know how many megs, curved side and dual configurations to the edge.

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