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The high range of Huawei will come pre-loaded with the clock app


The bloatware is one of the most hated aspects on smartphones that are bought, since check back that mess you apps then you will have to uninstall because you do not think or use it. We usually sell brand and impose us Microsoft apps and many others, all you get, is to charge the system. Although we have the option to uninstall it, first and then it is something that we don’t like.

Huawei, Samsung and many others, is usually associated with certain companies to launch their apps and now is the time for clock, one of the most popular dialer apps for the great work done to fight against phone spam. This is perhaps the least it can be annoying, the reason which has a large database of phone numbers phone spam-related.

If Huawei recently is associated with Deezer, now it has made with clock to improve the experience of user so so which buy any of their range high not is see absorbed by the amount of calls of spam telephone. The only thing that takes place not in all countries this phone spam, have had this app so it may be more appropriate for some users.

It is in Honor 8 on the first device to be included to combat spam telephone calls and messages, and is characterized by the functionality of identification of call, integration with social media and functionality of blocking of call based on the enormous directory that has this app.

Clock is an app that spend 500 million calls per month and has 90 million monthly active users. An interesting initiative for the bloatware that brings get them phones of Huawei to be of higher quality.

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