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The Hunter becomes the prey on the great Crashing Season

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We have a huge variety of endless runner in Android of all kinds of topics. Since some 3D graphics that stand out because of the spectacular nature of their environments, to others that the 2D graphics and a side-scrolling format takes centre stage as it happens with Vector 2. There are many studies that take a game of great quality in this category as Chameleon Run by Noodlecake Studios and while we are pleased by this, since a mobile device behaves like one of the best platforms for this style.

One that will give much of what talk is Crashing Season, an arcade game in which we are plunged into a world where given the return to the typical that the Hunter hunting its prey, to be the latter that catch to those poachers. A video game that does a great job on the visual and technical appearance and leaves than normal in the endless runner aspect, since it only takes things that you do not stop running. Koukoi Games has done a great job in all aspects to bring us a special and unique game that advocates also by the physics of objects, which will be good moments and in the a laugh us.

Don’t let you hunt those cruel human

Crashing Season has a touch exquisite by the visual appearance using vectors and spot colors to come up with a game that doesn’t need ultra-realistic graphics to be wanting in this respect. His palette of colors, details and the absurdity of the story lead us to a special game that spend a very good time.

Crashing Season

History leads us to some possessed hunters and their leaders that have been proposed to destroy all the trunks with coins of animals in their desire for domination of the world. The mission is to recover all those coins that have been and try to take back the world while we hit hard all those hunters and heads.  The player aims to survive all the time that you can complete challenges, fight those bosses, recover the coins to move on to more levels and unlock more characters with unique abilities.

A physics of objects to highlight

The physics of objects is one of the most care aspects, since it will mean that if any of those hunters use your shotgun and shoot one of his companions, be not transferred his body, but he will annihilate with the consequent animation and poor knocked to the ground. All the characters that appear on the scene are part of the physics of objects, so you will find very funny moments before.

Crashing Season

This it originates the randomness of different actions as it is hit with the bear one of those hunters poor, drop this to one side and another fire him. A game that is right in this respect to bring you small maps in which you must sort all those enemies, and at the same time try to annihilate them.

You can unlock upgrades, enhancers and small grants, as well as set up your characters with certain well curious accessories. You also have the option of the global tables of punctuation that enliven the content of the game for a long time.

Got you for free from the Google Store Play with obvious micropayments.

Technical quality

Crashing Season

Crashing Season is a game that falls in love with and that highlights all of its technical implementation. Since the animations funny animals and hunters, the way in which fire and your own design with a good comic touch. If we add to this a physics of objects that behaves in a very real way, you have all the condiments to become one of the most fun of the moment Android games.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great visual tone
  • Very good animations
  • Everything in general


  • Nothing

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