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The interface of Windows 10 in Android thanks to this sensational free Launcher for Android

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There are many people who ask me if it is possible to transform our operating system Android, of course without losing functionality that offers the best mobile operating system in the world, to give the appearance of the famous Windows 10 in Android interface, or that user interface or desktop in the form of Tiles, or tiles that for many is very attractive and more functional than the classic Launcher in Android.

It is for this reason that I decided to share with you, which I think is one of the best Launchers for Android if you are looking for is to have appear identical to what you would have in a terminal with Windows 10. A Launcher for Android very simple to set up, with many configuration options, customization, and more importantly, an application that you can download free of charge in the Store Play of Google, shop official applications for Android. Want to know what this Launcher for Android which I am talking about and that will transform our terminal in appearance to Windows 10?. Because if the answer is Yes, you can now click on continue reading this post where I explain everything offers us and you attached the link for the download of it from Google Play.

The Launcher in question responds to the name of SquareHome 2 – Win 10 Style, and as I have mentioned in the intro of this article, can download you free of charge in the Play Store Google and no ads or anything that bother the user experience that we have to provide a Launcher for Android.

What does SquareHome 2?

La interfaz de Windows 10 en Android

SquareHome 2 is one of the few Launchers for Android that version completely free and free of annoying ads, allows us to enjoy the interface of Windows 10 in Android with the simple installation of a downloaded application in an official way from official Android apps store. Unlike other Launcher of the style that promise us to tracing the design of Windows 10 in Android, this Launcher, in addition to nailing it also offers some attractive aspects where there as the integration of contacts interface very similar to Windows 10 and the possibility, that do not allow us other Launchers of style, put these contacts or even the drawer of applications like pages of the main desktop.

SquareHome 2, just as we do with a terminal Windows 10, we can Add the Tiles, or tiles that we want to our main screen or even add new Layers or pages to enjoy as well, for example pages devoted to different situations such as when we are at home or at work, or even to categorize these new pages by type of application but this is now a thing of each and stays to lna imagination of the user since this Launcher allows you to edit and customize virtually everything that you want.

La interfaz de Windows 10 en Android

Logically, the size of the Tiles can be at will as well as Widgets that we also add in the form of attractive tiles. If to this we add the possibility of playing with the appearance of the drawer of applications and contacts so you show us on the top of the Tiles with a fade tone or select that it shows us as one new page in our desktop as well as change the view as list or grid, in this aspect have without doubt one of the most interesting highlights of this beautiful Launcher for Android.

To finish with the news that allows us to this peculiar Launcher for Android, which all seeking is to transform the interface of Android on Windows 10 even in a Tablet, I invite you dig him out the embedded video with which we started this post, a self-made video in which I explain everything that gives us this sensational Launcher for Android, and where to find all the settings and configurations more interesting in it.

La interfaz de Windows 10 en Android

Free download SquareHome 2 from Google’s Store Play

Download: 2 SquareHome – Win 10 style (Free, Google Play) →

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