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The inventor of the lithium battery develops a more powerful

John Goodenough

Almost sure that the name of John Goodenough sounds to few or none. But it is one of those anonymous people without whom the technology we know today would not be possible. This American born in Germany is responsible for the creation of the current batteries that we use. It is attributed to the identification and development of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

It would that be our smartphones without the batteries?. Mobility and autonomy of our current devices would not be possible without this concept of rechargeable batteries. Sometimes we take for granted things that are all essential to understand the evolution of the technology.

A longer-lasting battery is required to continue to evolve.

And is that as a general rule, the duration of the batteries is one of the main drawbacks that we can put to any smartphone. We are not satisfied with almost none. Although there are market firms that they have opted to incorporate into their largest and most powerful battery devices. It doesn’t seem enough. Especially when esto can influence on the design or the size of the device.

Seems that batteries have not evolved at the same pace that made it the rest of the smartphones. Much capacity that they have, the use that we make on a daily basis of the smarthpones is so high that later or early makes us weak. And nor that to speak has the disaster that may cause some severe “experiments” with batteries of means.

What is surprising is that novelty in this sector bring it us a character who has spent years combing rods. In a world accustomed to deal with young and awnless geniuses. And 94 “five” John Goodenough claims to have designed a surprising new battery.

A battery that lasts for three times and loads faster.

This professor at the University of Texas, along with a team of engineers has developed a new battery system. According to its creators, it’s a much more powerful than the current battery. And in addition to offering greater autonomy, ensure that your cargo will also be much faster.

A reduced size that could perfectly fit a current smarphone batteries. It would also have utility in all types of appliances, including electric vehicles. According to the tests carried out, these new batteries would reach up to triple the current duration. And all this without increasing in size.

The project includes a battery, solid, non-liquid, and therefore less dangerous. The use of crystallized electrolytes avoids the many problems posed by liquid electrolytes.  The increased density through the use of alkali metals is the key. In this way, with an anode made of these materials, it is possible to store more energy. And therefore get batteries with more hours.

Serve will this discovery to see a real evolution in the batteries of our appliances? Although at the moment we have only known publication of the project, there are many expectations. No doubt, that the father of lithium batteries is behind this discovery increases the illusion in a new period of developments in the sector.

Creador batería Litio

Cheaper and safer batteries.

Apparently, something to take into account, these batteries would not be expensive, cheaper even than the current ones. This is because that the components with which it is made are very accessible. You can extract the sodium used for the creation of these batteries from the seawater in a simple way.

It is pleasant to know that we are working on a breakthrough that can radically change the use of the technology. But if after this news there is also responsible for the likes of John Goodenough, much better. It was time that finally had a breakthrough of truth in something so important. For now it seems us science fiction, although it seems that things are going seriously. When can we have batteries that last for days and days without having to recharge them?.

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