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The Kuri robot for the home is like Amazon Echo, but designed by Pixar

We’ve already seen on numerous occasions to all types of robots, and even those from Boston Dynamics that are capable of passing through the most difficult terrain and very special maneuvers. If to that type of robots you implemented an Assistant virtual to it Google Assistant, surely that could bring us to the bet of Pixar.

Kuri is a smart home robot that will debut at CES this year and who reach United States throughout the year. Mayfield Robotics has been the startup that has designed and created this robot and that has an experience extensive in the field of the robotics, similar to in the machine learning and design.

What is Kuri?

Kuri is capable of responding to the voice and somehow is similar to other devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. It has four microphones in its compact body, so it can “hear you” from anywhere in the room. How to respond to voice commands is through sounds, lights and those expressive eyes that are able to communicate answers to the user.


Has a camera HD in its single eye and a variety of sensors to control their movement by them places hidden of the home. Are moving thanks to three wheels that you help to rotate in any direction. Has a processor for the tasks as the recognition of images and voice, and is programmable through tools like TWITTERFEED.


Has a weight of little more than 6 kilos and passes of the half meter in height. Is can access to apps in iOS and Android to control it and interact with Kuri when not it are using. And as curiosity, is capable of find your pad of load when need battery.

Designed as a companion for your House

Already have said that has much that see with Google Home, but is much more than an Assistant of voice that can blink. Has been designed to accompany you in house as target main, and as secondary, the assist you.

He movement of Kuri has been designed by an animator from Pixar, by what will have that point sympathetic and curious that will get that which is find with it want to relate is with this machine that is moves thanks to three wheels.


Another of their ideas main is that is capable of create a link with its owner and for this have treated of that in no time Kuri is capable of create movements that are unfit, by what each relatively, form of his body or behavior, is designed with much mimo and care.

Through he can control things via TWITTERFEED, leave that take a look to your House through its camera HD, read to your son before is sleep and play to games and play podcasts throughout the day.

Is much to can get to have the idea of that some day us will accompany a species of R2D2 by House for so help us to all type of tasks and that this us return their beeps sympathetic to demonstrate us devotion or anger. It only that that are before them first steps of talks natural through Google Assistant, robots as Kuri that open step to the imagination and a home in which the home automation may be managed by different gadgets.

What occurs is that is is giving ones steps of giant for that series of virtues that this year will take greater prominence as is the machine learning or the assistance virtual, by what not is so difficult imagine us a home in which a robot as Kuri wander to their wide for give us the welcome or be which save the House by the night with its camera HD.

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