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The Lenovo Phab2 Pro already is a reality, is available for your purchase and comes with 35 apps Tango

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Project Tango is one of the most interesting proposals that has emerged from the mobile world in which it is difficult to get used to a particular format so from one day to another can mapping in 3D space where we are. It is mismamente this virtue the principal of the Tango Project which has Phab2 Pro your first bet so that we realize the world so technological that we are heading towards.

Lenovo has been commissioned to put at our disposal the Phab2 Pro to a price of $ 500. A device that will not begin to be distributed until the month of December, so, if you pass by your purchase, for Christmas can map 3D such family reunions.

Lenovo Phab2 Pro

Lenovo Phab2 Pro is a smartphone with a 6.4-inch screen with resolution 1440 p, 4 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 652 chip. At the back we find the different sensors that record the distance and orientation so that the Tango’s augmented reality let us simply speechless when we begin to use some of the outstanding features of this special smartphone.

Phab2 Pro

Phab2 Pro will come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow instead of Nougat. Is it own great G which has announced from the entry in his blog that the Phab2 Pro will have in its launch 35 apps prepared for Tango, by what is may enjoy of their best qualities in those days Christmas surprising to own and strange when put in operation all that amount of sensors with which has this device.

These are some of the features special Tango device:

  • Measure your House from the frame of the door to the of your table with Measure
  • View as furniture and objects will stay with WayFairView, Lowe completo Vision, Homestyler Interior Design and iStaging
  • Play domino on any site with Domino World
  • Paint and draw on all surfaces of your home with Crayola Color Blaster
  • Throw shells to fight a terrible dragon in Slingshot Island
  • Playing with virtual pets with Raise
  • Learn all kinds of things with Solar Simulator and Dinosaurs Among Us
  • Creates new worlds digital with Woorl and Towers of Tango
  • Runs on your own circuits with Hot Wheel completo Track Builder, Wild Wild Race and Car Racing
  • Personalize your videos with exciting 3D Spectra filters

A new Android experience with augmented reality

With your smartphone’s camera, you have seen the possibilities of augmented with that Pokemon GO reality that burst into summer as if a tsunami breaking yet. Apart from mean another way of understanding the leisure to compel millions of people to leave their homes, it has also shown us a new path to follow with augmented reality.

Tango apps

The Tango Project and the Pro Phab2 could say that it will almost by the same route to seek other kinds of experiences which, after all, is what we seek in this technological world that not to evolve. These 35 apps Tango collected part of all these experiences and as you may have read in this list of ten, covering many possibilities.

Thanks to all the sensors has Lenovo phone is capable of mapping the room in your House to pass it on to your terminal. So for connoisseurs of decoration, apps as the three mentioned above, may be converted in one of the most amazing experiences, since you can take those furniture and place them where you want to have or that acquire them and know almost to 100% as they will be.

Just Project Tango and that Lenovo phone you could call you as an new experience to feel from a smartphone. Will be many apps and those 35 are the first, so, if you are looking for follow that wave of new technologies, this phone and that project is for you.

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