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The LG Watch Sport and Watch Style Android Wear 2.0 appear in images

LG Watch Style Sport

Lift expectations on a product is made from a series of leaks that often highlight by be blurry and that almost not leave see their details more specific. It is a way of being seen, but removed in the middle to produce this effect of hype in the user expected upgrade of its terminal with a new edition as it will happen with the Galaxy Note 8 leaks when they begin arriving mid-year.

A week of likely Wear Android 2.0 official release, we have achieved a new series of images of two of the smartwatches that will work with the OS of Google optimized for devices wearables. The LG Watch Sport and Watch Style will be unveiled on February 9, while Wear 2.0, but it will be later when they reach the shelves of stores in shopping malls.

Google and LG have partnered to launch those smartwatches, which will be marked by an deep integration with Google Assistant, as will happen with LG G6, as we learned yesterday itself.

Even if these leaked images are clearly low-res and blurry, give enough information to have a first feel of these two wearables. As mentioned above, both smart watches include Crown buttons, although the LG Watch Sport it seems that it will have two buttons extra.

It is the latter which is slightly larger in size than the Watch Style. Something coming on par with previous rumors that had made the sport a 1.38-inch screen with 480 × 480 resolution, while the Style will have 1.2 inch with resolution 260 x 360.

The colors seen are titanium for the LG Watch Sport, and the LG Watch Style Variant of rose gold . The largest of the two dimensions will also have dark blue, while the smallest can be acquired also in silver and titanium.

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