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The Little Fox is an endless runner’s exceptional visual quality and devilish difficulty

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Endless runner have a great amount in the Google Play Store, but if we are real, not there are so many that deserve both the penalty play them. Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Blades of Brim and many others fall short, although we are in a genre that we can not expect much from him; at least for now, because surely the future we bring surprises. Nintendo has shown one of his bets for this year that is about to end, although we are still waiting for you to bring it to Android to give the final verdict and knowing Yes will bring something different to the version of iOS, at least in the model of payment, since they will have the perfect excuse to change a little the way of selling it on an operating system in which it is easier to copy inspirational.

If looked for an endless runner current recently released to the Google Play Store, would have that be commenting to The Little Fox. A new entry to finish the year of the best form and that if stands out by something, to first view, is by its exceptional touch in what are them graphics. When you enter already play with the little Fox, as we notice the first Exchange that has an extra difficulty quite remarkable and that can incite the uneasiness and despair, although if going through those first bumpy, probably find a video game with which defy you yourself. A new endless runner which we shall then unravel.

An endless runner with a clear and well-defined visual style

The Little Fox is an endless runner to whites. If you don’t like this style of gameplay, better pass to something else, since that will surely accompany you the frustration at the first hurdle. A game that walks the narrow thread that separates between definitely leave and what appears in our mind that says “one game”. If you’re able to spend as much time to play a new game after dying one time after another, perhaps you get to fall in love with this game.

The Little Fox

Like other endless runner games, game mechanics leads to a few swipes to left and right which allows us to move through those hexagons that form the floor by which our beloved and quirky Fox moves. Here we can forget of paste jumps or pass beneath those obstacles, since it will make automatically in certain instances. The great difficulty lies in learning to adapt to the trajectory that has taken the great protagonist of this game that has a lot of arcade. The objective is to try collect all them tears scattered by the road.

Get ready to try it again and again

Returning to the somewhat extreme hardship, we must avail ourselves to know turn at the right time so the poor Fox don’t stamp against the limits of the road in this search for the tears fall from the little Prince. A world that opens to discover few others according to go running with the special character.

The Little Fox

The Little Fox is a video game that have of form free from the Google Play Store, although will have that wait to get them tails of Fox, since here are taken as the energy that you allows take more split. Is can opt to micropayments or access to the reproduction of one of those videos that will give more breath to the protagonist of this game.

Technical quality

The Little Fox

Performance is missing on a smartphone that doesn’t have nearly the best in specifications, but it is able to go through this, you are a video game that has a high level artistically and in the visual we can leave a bit astonished info while we take any of these items. If yours are the endless runner, you are in a game that is wonderfully drawn on the screen of your smartphone, it’s a gift for you.

Opinion of the editor


  • Great visual
  • Outstanding character design


  • Quite difficult
  • Performance is missing

Download application

Download: The Little Fox (Free+, Google Play) →

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