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The Manager of the Play Store desintalaciones suggests that apps delete to save space

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We are no longer in those years in which had as much space 256 MB internal storage, that, if we did not have a microSD card, we had them we to see to install more apps from the Play Store. Now there are many games that go out of the zillions of megas to get even some to 1GB.

Months ago Google finally introduced a uninstall Manager to Play Store. The funny thing is that don’t really know when he joined it, but now is when it starts to suggest the removal of certain applications that have not been used in awhile and take with them a large space that can be used for other conflicts.

This Manager uninstalls also indicates how much space is used by this app and how much is needed to make this new application can be installed. What makes the Manager or the Play Store is linking the storage settings so that they can finally be eliminated from that same location.

What does is suggest the load files that can be also good space, such as videos or music, to a cloud storage files such as Google Drive, photos or Play Music.

A good tool for the management of the terminal space for those who do not have 16 or 32 GB of internal storage or a microSD card that adds an extra long enough to forget about these messages, sometimes a bit heavy.

To be talking of storage space and a way to release it, we recommend that you go through this entry in which you teach some ways to delete files or install any other application that can come in you very well for that, periodically, you can have your well-ordered terminal.

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