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The Micro Machines are now a game for Android

Micro Machines

Remember the Micro Machines? Yes man, those cars tiny of toy that advertised on TV with a voice in off to all speed. Because now have arrived in form of video game for devices Android.

Micro Machines is now available on the Google Play Store as a free application form freemium, i.e., be able to play but if you want improvements you must scratch the Pocket in some shopping in-app ranging from €1,99 to the incredible 99.99 euros. Almost nothing! But we know something more thoroughly this game of touch “remember” but with rabidly current technology.

The Micro Machines, now in 3D on your Android

The game Micro Machines for Android will delight many users. For some, bring them memories of childhood, and those times that walk around his house was constantly tripping over these small vehicles. For others, it will just be a game more, either because their youth makes them unfamiliar of the Micro Machines, either, as a server, that just reminds them of TV ads. Oh, the child can be very hard!😅

After the development of Micro Machines is found them companies chilling and Codemasters, both with a long trajectory in the matter, what guarantees that we found before a game of high quality.

The game features up to 18 different scenarios where the Micro Machines will run at full speed. But not is is of routes as streets or anything similar, what is! In Micro Machines for Android will run through almost all type of furniture, with which is has intended move the reality physical of the game traditional until the screen of them smartphones.

By the way, who already it have tested ensure that one of their best points to please are some graphics in three dimensions of high quality. But also the own car, that in total make up a collection of 77 vehicles whose design has been city until the more minimum detail: tanks, cars of racing, trucks and much more.

As added value, you can create your own vegetables as you like and enjoy multiplayer games in online mode.

As I said, you can already begin to enjoy Micro Machines for Android for free. And already then if you convinced, you throw to improve it even more.

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