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The most terrifying Halloween applications

mejores aplicaciones halloween android

Halloween is around the corner. The night of the dead is approaching and we continue showing you how squeezing your Android phone taking advantage of these parties so terrifying. I have already shown games, wallpapers and covers. It’s time to show you the best and most terrifying applications Android for Halloween.

In this way you can personalise your phone Android taking advantage of these special dates and standing out from the rest. Am sure that more than one you ask by the application of Halloween to unlock your phone.! Don’t know this app? Then keep reading to find out how to customize your smartphone for free.

Applock to customize your phone for Halloween

And it is that this is one of the essential applications to take advantage of the pull of Halloween. Why? Because AppLock is very simple and effective. The creators of the app have created a custom theme that will allow you to unlock your phone using a pumpkin pattern, in addition to a without end very interesting options like putting a cap of a witch on the top of the hour. and it’s free!  

Download Applock for Android

Download: subject of Applock – Halloween (Free, Google Play) →

Halloween night

Halloween night is the best app to customize your Android phone and which perfectly complements Applock. And is that this complete application has a fluid design and has a lot of icons and wallpapers really terrifying. An essential Halloween on your phone Android app.

Download Applock for Android

Download: Halloween night 👻 🎃 👻 (Free, Google Play) →

Halloween Games

This application is ideal for the kids of the House make the most of such dark tonight. And it is that with Halloween Games we’ll have 15 different games for children to play and have fun without spending excessive fear.

Download Halloween Games for Android

Download: Halloween Games (Free, Google Play) →

Scary Halloween Ringtones

Finally, if we have already customized our phone with wallpapers and custom themes, only the section of the sound we need. And here is where terrifying ringtones for Halloween, an application that provides a number of frightening sounds that we can even use it as ringtone.

Download Scary Halloween Rigntones

Download: Ringtones from call of Halloween (Free, Google Play) →

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