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The multiple faces of Alexa and its importance as a virtual assistant


This Las Vegas CES past has had greater importance than in previous editions, especially in relation to the smart, the AI and virtual assistance. The wizard’s voice of Amazon called Alexa that and that he was born at Amazon Echo, has become one of the denominators of the fair by appearing in various products and other so many agreements with major brands such as Volkswagen and Ford.

When we’ve been talking about Google Home on numerous occasions, the beginning of 2017 has begun with Alexa stepping on the accelerator to become one of the firmer for the virtual assistance. Within several days the name of the wizard’s voice of Amazon has been ringing in different betting products and that we have collected by our website in several articles. Not only these, but others that have given the note at CES and we had to pick up to show the importance that will have Alexa for the coming years.

The great alternative to Google Home

In my opinion, Google Home is at another level in what context and what can lead to natural man-machine conversation. Amazon has updated Alexa so that you understand some of the context, but it is more a series of parameters and predefined phrases that do understand that he understands part of the context, but not nowhere near reached what has been achieved by the big G your Google Assistant, since this is permitted the luxury of understanding the main theme of the main conversation so we don’t have to be repeating all the time the same subject. This difference is very important when it comes to relationship Bliss between man-machine.

We understand the differences between Alexa and Google Assistant, while on the subject of offer licenses, at the CES in Las Vegas, the Amazon Wizard so has managed to be present in a good lot of new devices, robots and even agreements with major brands such as those mentioned two of the automotive industry. Here Let’s say that Amazon has been able to better manage the product having hands to sell them to all those brands that have understood that offering is more than sufficient for a refrigerator, vehicle, or a robot that comes in our way to greet us when we arrived home.

LG Alexa

Surely you need more than what Alexa offers, but at the moment we can almost say that has overtaken Google. We should also mention that it has taken a few years to see the first products out of Alexa, and while the big G makes the transition from Google Assistant to the rest of your system, propitiated movement is very well given until we see a Google Home exporting its great virtues.

Alexa connected devices

We have had to Huawei Mate 9 which will be launched with Alexa; to Aristotle, as the bet of Mattle to accompany the little ones of the House like a robot; the “Amazon Echo” of Lenovo carrying get Alexa; LG has introduced the wizard in a refrigerator and that new well curious robot peculiar; or Lynx, the robot that walks, talks and has the commands voice of that alternative to Google Home that is taking more whole.


Surely will pass me more gadgets that have gone through the CES that have Alexa as the gadget that listens and obeys, but with the sayings we can almost understand the magnitude of the wizard’s voice from Amazon. Now we should ask where are the rest of competitors, since right now only we understand voice assistance from Google Home and Alexa, to forget almost completely of Siri, which seems integrated leaving Apple.

It will be a year very interesting for voice assistance from different products. See it fully integrated in more apps and services that we got to think, as we’ve known these days ago when Google Assistant is present in Android Wear 2.0 and Android TV, but is well clear that Alexa is here to stay.

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