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The new BlackBerry will have the same main Google Pixel camera


Google Pixel has meant much for some obvious reasons such as being the first Google phone or have the best current photograph on a mobile device. A Pixel that into the DxOMark continues to have the highest score and this is due to sensor Sony IMX378, seen also in the my Xiaomi 5 S and HTC U Ultra, is the best basis for working on the all kinds of algorithms and processing software.

Its 12 MP have even been able to attract to TCL that you decide to take it to the terminals BlackBerry, as we know today same. A BlackBerry that has found in Android the possibility of return to the market with greater force for present devices without his Holy and password more particular, the keyboard physical, while others that it carry to offer another alternative to the user nostalgic of that BlackBerry of yesteryear.

Sony IMX378 sensor is still in the limelight and the last powerful smartphone that carries it is HTC U Ultra, a device introduced earlier this month and, while the LG G6, is the most potent of the Korean company as of today. If you want to choose a device with great photography, no nor think about it twice.

With regard to this new BlackBerry with sensor Sony IMX378, the file’s directory of devices is that main camera capable of 4K, while the lens in the front for the selfies would be the Samsung S5K4H8 or an OV8856 Omnivision, the two has 8 MP with 1. 12um and ability to record video at 30 fps.

The filter of the news mentioned that we would be talking about mercury, that phone that was shown to the press release at CES, and that instead of 625 Snapdragon chip, this would take the 821. We will know more on 25 February at the MWC.

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