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The new range of entry Nokia Android appears on Geekbench


By the end of February we will have the return of one of the great after spending a few years through dark places, rooms in old houses and those forests which was almost lost for ever more to return. Luckily, we can speak in MWC 2017 of some new terminals of this company.

One of them phones new from Nokia with Android appeared at the beginning of this month. This appeared with the name “Nokia Pixel”, by what is expected that that name is changed when is released from form official. According to Geekbench, the chip Snadpragon 200 is located in its bowels as a CPU dual-core to a speed of clock of 1.19 Ghz, by what already can guess the range in which is is this phone of Nokia.

Apart from that chip dual-core and a GPU Adreno 302, the memory RAM is of 1 GB to be the Snapdragon 200 the SoC in question. So you can access Quick Charge 3.0 to quickly charge the Nokia phone. It defined with Android 7.0.1 as the version of the software.


The score obtained in Geekbench is 404 points for the test of a single core and 661 points for testing of multi – cores. Those low scores can be understood to be speaking of an input range.

Already in September, a range media called Nokia D1C, and of which have known makes little more, was present in Geekbench to get scores of 682 points for the test of a single core with a test of 3229 points for the multi-core. This has in its bowels with a CPU chip Snapdragon 530 octa – core 1.4 GHz and a 505 Adreno GPU. 3 GB of RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat end of defining what we can find in the MWC 2017.

Also have the option to bring a model ship logo screen of 5.2 or 5.5-inch Quad HD resolution, so only we have to wait for the appointment in Barcelona to know the Repertoire of Nokia in Android.

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