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The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is not compatible with Google Daydream

It is quite obvious that new terminals recently presented by the South Korean Samsung are one of the most powerful smartphones ever made however, in spite of all its innovations and that power, it is that or the S8 Galaxy or Galaxy S8 Plus is compatible with Google Daydream natively.

When you try to install the Daydream application on any of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus for use with VR Gear Samsung device, go to forget because all you will get is an error message.

Although Gear VR Samsung platform is that account with a higher level of development in that content available, and Samsung has no obligation to provide support for Google Daydream, this undoubtedly will be disappointing for many users who also want to have access to Google offerings, which include some applications that Samsung’s platform does not have access.

Since Samsung has its own platform of virtual reality (VR), company cannot or does not want its VR Gear to work with Google’s platform; In addition, we must not ignore that ties between Samsung and Oculus also can stand in a hypothetical agreement with Google for the distribution of the platform Daydream, as designated from Android Authority, there is no technical reason preventing the S8 Samsung Galaxy to run Daydream.

What ever the reason, from VRHeads, medium that published this information, they point out that simply change one line of code in the files of the system permissions of the S8 Galaxy to run Daydream, a process would require a root, which is not yet available on the S8 access.

Would you like the new S8 Galaxy were supported natively with Google Daydream?

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