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The new Snadpragon 821 of Qualcomm load the apps a 10% more fast


Qualcomm revealed its new 821 Snapdragon which is another chip for high-end, but it comes to redefine what is the Snapdragon 820, a CPU that we have seen in number of high-end smartphones offering the best power graphics and processing of data and calculations. The 821 is a chip that comes to fill the hollow space between the 820 and the next flagship that would be 830 Snapdragon.

Now Qualcomm details some of the best features of the Snapdragon 821 to improve certain characteristics such as improved performance in general, improvements in the start times and the loading of apps with 10 percent faster. If Qualcomm is has taken them efforts of launch the 821 is by any reason evident and those improvements in general have their reason to can talk today same of this CPU.

These optimizations in the Snapdragon 821 also entail an improvement in what is the performance when you browse the internet just as you get a gentle scrolling. The performance of the GPU Adreno improves in a 5 percent, what will help to them games and it reality virtual are comporte of best form. And it best of all, all that increase in the performance, not entails a greater consumption of battery, but to the reverse, is get lasts until a 5 percent more.

Devices that use this chip will be compatible with Daydream, the VR from Google, just as it happens with the Snapdragon 820. But it is in this case that Qualcomm will release a SDK for this chip that offers a superior video and audio and a VR of higher performance and quality.

Apart, also offers Dual PDAF support for a faster approach and improved accuracy in the approach by laser compared to what is the Snapdragon 820. The first smartphone to receive this chip is the ASUS ZenFone 3 Deluxe, which has both PDAF as laser, which will take you to focus in 0.03 seconds.

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