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The new Xiaomi my Note 3 generates great expectations

Mi Note 3

After leaks expressed in recent days on the net about the new My Note of Xiaomi, we are looking forward to it. Xiaomi my Note 3 aims to become one of the most powerful smartphones that we have seen in the market. Characteristics of authentic top that could become a number one in many respects.

If you are planning to change your smartphone and Xiaomi you like, you don’t hurry.  It is true that we know officially that the next 19 of this month will know the prices of the imminent Xiaomi Mi 6. A terminal that has generated great praise to the Chinese firm and that looks very good.

A new Xiaomi Mi Note 3 incredible

As we have learned, in broad terms, these would be the main features of a smartphone that will give much to talk about. The successful processor Snapdragon 835 will be who “motion” this monster future of Xiaomi. That would be at least 2.4 GHzwith LTE connectivity 1Gbps and assistance for virtual reality.

Even without knowing if there will be two versions in size or performance refers to an incredible 8 GB RAM memory. Something we had not seen in the market so far and Xiaomi could be incorporated in the new My Note 3. This memory with a storage capacity of 128 GB RAM would make my Note 3 in one of the most important devices of the moment.

In terms of the physical aspect is expected a curved panel with a large 5.7-inch display. In this regard there seems to be many novelties. Also counting resolution QHD as its predecessor. What still undisclosed is the type of protection you will have this screen.

pantalla curva xiaomi

Your battery, as it is usual in Xiaomi would have a large capacity, 4,070 mAh. We know that it gives us autonomy more than enough for more than one full day of use. Something that like much is that with the new quick charging of battery, Quick Charge 4th.

There are still many things to know of this terminal that promises so much. Its release would be expected before mid-year. We have not had access to information concerning their cameras. And as not, nor do we even know nothing about its price. Do you expect?.

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