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The next Google Pixel will be water resistant


Perhaps certain rumors arising from one day to another good logical design are, since there are certain forgotten features on some phones that don’t understand because they were so. A clear case is Google Pixel which is left aside to have a resistance to water at the same time the best phones on the market, and more if possible when we talk about a terminal located at that point competing against the best.

Now we have another rumor that has to do with Google Pixel water resistance and would be the confirmation that the next Google Pixel will be water resistant. Something logical on the other hand to know that the big G had to manufacture this phone within 9 months from the hand of HTC. Record a whole number to get a smartphone market that has been able to take the applause of many, but we can still not get you in some countries.

This rumor comes from Stephen Hall, an editor who said at the time that the Nexus line was not dead and that it would forward, so you have to take this news with tweezers. Although as I have said, I do not think that Google does not release its next Pixel without a good water resistance, that today is more than vital so that it is not one of the handicaps with which can be attacked by competition.

Anyway, now is being a Google Pixel as the Unicorn, that sacred animal that is known to exist, but that no one has seen, at least in these parts. And it is that there are few desire to have that mobile device that has the best camera of the moment and that Amazon can be purchased for $1,500.

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