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The Next Lock Screen of Microsoft app allows you to perform web searches without unlocking the phone

Next Lock Screen

Microsoft has come a good way with apps that has been launching the Google Play store to register as one of the best sources of high-quality software. This also has been helped with the various agreements arrived with different manufacturers to pre-load their applications on their varied devices as with the own Samsung.

There are few apps that has Microsoft that are of high quality (with this you can download all that you want), and all of them include a call Next Lock Screen. This is one designed to replace the lock-screen of your Smartphone and is now in the new version, updated with a well-special feature: the ability to perform web searches without having to unlock the device.

By what today you will see a new update for Next Lock Screen for Android. This new version allows you to perform quick web searches without having to fully unlock your phone. For now, Bing is the only search engine that this feature can be used.

On the lock screen, you have to click the Bing logo on the top left. Once you have been struck, will appear before you the Bing search bar, apart from what is the daily home page. You enter a search term and receive the proper results. The great distinction of this feature is that you don’t need to unlock the device in full at any time.

The update I should be playing the Google Play Store by what you could already download it. If it is not, it is a matter of wait or access the APK. An APK that I have not been able to get through that have the previous version 3.7.1 and possesses is still allowing you to make quick but only with the search engine Bing searches.

Download: Next screen lock (Free, Google Play) →

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