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The Nexus will also receive Google Assistant in an update

Nexus 5X

The Pixel have benefited during a few months of some exclusives to differentiate some of Nexus devices such as the 5 X Nexus and Nexus 6 p, two terminals well interesting and is worth get major upgrades on the same day that the first phone manufactured by the big G.

Another advantage of the Pixel have been Google Assistant, virtual assistant from Google that is capable of natural talks to “capture” the context of the “talk” between man-machine. But this exclusivity, and that we can learn about Google Assistant at Google Allo, would be about to end when the Nexus also received the Assistant virtual.

After almost 6 months of exclusivity, will also be the LG G6 which have as one of the cornerstones to Google Asisstant, apart from the fact that NVIDIA Shield PRO and Android TV will be also served well soon of its virtual assistance.

So it would not surprise us that in a few months, possibly in an ad to Google I/O this year arose Google Assistant as part of the Android system in a future update; who knows if it would not be one of the striking qualities of Android O.

The goal of the big G is that Google Assistant will become one of the main Android parts, since its Google Now has been widely accepted and have an Assistant who is able to interact with the user through speech will be one of the big differentiators against other systems.

Google Home is which also includes it and apps as Android Auto could also serve him, will be in any system where we can communicate with speech, habitat or environment perfect for integration. We will not take forget about periodic tasks with Google Assistant.

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